manufaktura stolarska

entrance door

Our entrance doors represent the pinnacle of technical perfection, ranging from timeless heritage designs to the most recent architectural trends. Every door receives diligent, individual planning and is handcrafted with unrivaled attention to detail.

The innovative use of Simonswerk hinge systems and FritsJurgens pivot solutions unveils an endless breadth of design opportunities, ensuring an unparalleled door experience.

Furthermore, the right balance between hardness an elasticity offered by the Adler Protor coating is supreme. It’ able to withstand high mechanical stresses such as those from a keychain. Moreover, it provides superior protection against harsh weather conditions and detrimental UV effects.


Our wooden windows are renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and unmatched durability.

Whether one’s preference lies in modern or heritage style with historical charm, our offering includes a wide array of personalized design options, color variations and various types of wood such as pine, meranti, larch and oak.

The precision of milling process, gluing and screwing of window profiles, as well as meticulous crafted hand-sanding of the wood surface result in a flawlessly smooth finish.

Our three-layer Adler Aquawood opaque paint system boats outstanding weather resistance and exceptional durability. The Primo impregnation offers optimal protection against mold and wood-decaying fungi. The intermediate and final coating, Intercare Iso and Covatop XT 20, give the matte surface a beautiful and natural character.

Our transparent or semi-transparent varnishes are applied using the renowned Protor entrance door system, setting us apart significantly from other manufactures by delivering remarkable resistance and beautifully accentuating the wood's natural color and pore pattern.

interior doors

Every interior door that leaves our manufactory is handcrafted with the utmost care. It is characterized by its uncompromising quality, timeless aesthetics, durability and modern functionality.

Our exquisite product line includes interior doors in a wide range of styles. Regardless of whether it’s a completely new fabrication or a reproduction, whether modern or classic in design, we produce door frames and wings in impressive heights and widths. Special features and design characteristics such as sound proofing, ceiling-height or frameless installation are not exceptions with us.

Individuality is our priority. For this, we offer versatile real wood surfaces and an extensive color palette with opaque colors in various gloss levels. With us, you have the opportunity to design each door according to your wishes and ideas.


Our custom-made, high-quality stairs combine design and functionality in a perfect way. Whether you are searching for stylish modern stairs or want to stick with a classic, elegant style - we can find the optimal design and execution for you.

For manufacturing, we primarily rely on local hardwoods such as oak and ash, known for their appealing grain and durability.

To maintain the natural character of the wood, we treat our stairs with Borma hard oils. These are enriched with high-quality resins and waxes. This not only highlights the natural beauty of the wood but also ensures excellent protection. In cases where stairs are exposed to heavy use we apply high-quality varnishes from Adler. These varnishes are characterized by first-class mechanical and chemical resistance while also enhancing the wood grain more distinctly.