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Our company's carpentry services are growing in both interest and reputation and our brand has already claimed the recognition on the Polish and European market. The long-term experience of our highly qualified craftsmen led us to the adjustment of our offer to the individual needs of even the most demanding clients.

The vast majority of production works is carried out manually hence the offered assortiment becomes unique and with its unique character it becomes undoubtadly exclusive among mass manufactured products available on the market today. From the very beginning of our existence our priority is highest quality of the final product hence our products are made from high quality materials of respected manufacturers, using the most modern technology.

Our company ensures professional advisory services and full service, that is making measurements, project execution, product manufacture and its transport with assembly.

If high quality, elegance and durability is of value to you, our company will surely bring you satisfaction.

Our workshop offers you a wide array of products which includes both high quality and reliable products in fair prices and unique items of high quality based on the client's individual order :

- Outter doors made from wood, aluminium and PVC

- Wooden stairs in conjunction with glass and stainless steel elements

- Energy-saving wooden, aluminium, PVC windows in conjunction with roller blinds

- Furniture from wood-derivative plates and solid wood

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